Progress Report: MCC


Casey Dunning at the Center for Global Development discusses the future of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), whose CEO Daniel Yohannes, an Ethiopian-born American businessman, will appear before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on March 11th to answer questions about the requested $1.28 billion for FY2011.

At the MCC CEO blog, Yohannes writes that—pending congressional approval—the MCC will be able to sign new compacts with Malawi, Indonesia and Zambia, as well as a second compact with Cape Verde.

In terms of legislative changes, the MCC’s Congressional Budget Justification (CBJ) requests the authority to sign concurrent, subsequent and longer compacts. Furthermore, it asks that candidate countries graduating out of an income category remain eligible for funding one fiscal year after the upgrade.

Dunning highlights two key trends: first, zero threshold programs—for countries who fail to qualify for compacts but are making progress—have been approved, which betrays MCC skepticism toward them.

Second, requests for funding for due diligence, impact assessment and M&E initiatives have increased by $7 million. The MCC, a decidedly results-focused organization, is working hard to increase transparency and accountability to the American public and legislature.

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