#iPads and #iTampons

When Steve Jobs launched his newest and most talked about Apple product, his marketing genius ensured that the whole world would know about it, counting down the days until its release.

Some disliked its designation, the “iPad,” and were uncomfortable with the titular similarities between the high-tech gadget and the feminine hygiene product. The Twitterverse responded by ridiculing the name, and soon after the device’s name was released, #iTampon became a trending topic on Twitter.

However, Alison McQuade, GlobalGiving’s Online Marketing Manager, was able to see beyond the amusing anecdote that it was. Piggybacking on the #iTampon trend, she tweeted “#iPad and #iTampon jokes are funny, But in #Uganda girls leave school for lack of sanitary pads” and posted a link to the initiative’s GlobalGiving page.

By sculpting a crude joke into a teachable moment, not only was she able to raise $1,676, but she was also able to reach out to new audiences such as the tech community. Nonprofit marketing lesson learned: a sense of humor matters!

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