The Devil Wears Poverty Rates


When you’ve exhausted all the non-corny BustedTees (“Without Me It’s Just Aweso“!!!) and you find that the once-artsy and unique Threadless tees have gone mainstream, where do you turn to purchase your stylish, hipster getup?

Aid Thoughts recommends StatAttak, a line of shirts that depicts harrowing development statistics in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

The unexpected juxtaposition draws attention; it is now possible to raise awareness about AIDS in Botswana, all while donning an aqua American Apparel tee that only sets you back $25. If a pinkish, purple hue suits your complexion better, you may be interested in purchasing the Burundi57 tee—”In Burundi, 57% of children under the age of five are suffering from moderate to severe stunted growth.”

In fact, StatAttak itself owes its existence to Mozambique, where life expectancy at birth is mired at 31.1 years, more than two score behind Andorra’s 83.51 years. Like so many Gen Yers, designer Thomas Brodahl looks towards a hybrid for-benefit business model; 20% of StatAttak profits will go towards building an orphanage in Mozambique.

However, instead of delegating this task to a charity, the StatAttak team and a posse of design experts plan on building the orphanage themselves, in order better understand problems in the developing world and to showcase design as a vehicle for change to the people of Mozambique.

What’s next, a Linear Regression fair-trade jewelry line?


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