TEDxChange for Global Progress

TEDxChange, image from http://www.tedxsingapore.sg

In the development world, we find ourselves continuously striving to better the world by observing data and drafting proposals.  We spend countless hours researching various development projects going on around the world and observing their successes and failures and construct a recommendation that can better the world.

On September 20th, the TEDx program (in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) launched a premier TEDxChange program focused on observing the changes and progress that has taken place in the last decade.  The streaming event hosted some of the world’s top inspirations speakers on foreign aid and assistance who provided details on the current issues, steps taken in the past, and possible future agendas.

The TEDxChange program marked the 10th Anniversary of the Millenium Development Goals, a set of internationally recognized goals and stipulations to make the world a well, better place.  The streaming event covered a wide range of issues and concluded with acknowledging that the UN Millennium Development Goals has definitely provided change and is definitely on the road to progress.

Philanthropist Melinda Gates indicates that the program is working, “there are hundreds of children living because of the health care program.”  Thus, progress is on the agenda and change is on the rise.

Watch the webcast here!

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