Affordable Charity

You know those sites where you get deals for restaurants, activities, and shops? Well, transpose the idea of great deals to philanthropy.  Yes, that’s right, it exists as Philanthroper. According to the 2010 Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances, private giving is on the rise to developing countries.  And despite the current economic situation there is still a commitment to charitable giving.

But what holds individuals from giving?

  • Donation size – some charities have a minimum that you must meet because a percentage of a donation is cut to cover costs
  • Which charity to give to – many fail to do the background research on what organizations strive for and where donations goes

Philanthroper, launched by Mark Wilson, addresses both of these issues. He takes the idea of Groupon, but instead of buying deals you can give micro-donations.  He selects deserving causes and offers the cyber community a different charity to give to everyday with a donation amount of only $1. Similar to Global Giving, which allows individuals to give to organizations through an online platform, Philanthroper offers the same except there’s only one organization a day. For those who have difficulty making choices, with Philanthroper the choice is already made, you just have to decide whether to give or not.

So which charities make the cut? Wilson notes, “For the most part, we’re interested in nonprofits that make $1 million or less in revenue a year who are doing something really exceptional, bringing tangible change. We look at their 990s (tax returns), read whatever information is out there and actually talk to these groups to really understand their mission from their perspective.”

So, if you have some spare change, get a philanthropic deal.


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