Water Series | Introducing the CGP Water Series

Millions of people across the globe lack access to drinking water, while many more remain dispossessed of adequate sanitation facilities. Combined, both of these issues are generally acknowledged to exacerbate poverty, negatively impact health, and breed socioeconomic instability. Since the 1960s, an increasing number of nonprofits, foundations, and international development agencies have taken note of this.  As a result, water and sanitation challenges have risen to prominence in many development debates.

In this vein, Blogal Prosperity is pleased to introduce the CGP Water Series. In a series of short blog posts, we hope to provide nuanced analysis of the efforts to improve water and sanitation access in the developing world. Each post in the series can be read alone, but we will attempt to create a narrative that touches on both the general and the specific. It is our hope that these vignettes will highlight the immense potential for public-private partnerships, private sector involvement, and philanthropic interest in the water development field.


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