Biweekly Review: June 20th to July 1st

Dear Reader: Ever too swamped to catch up with our blog? Fret no more! Beginning with this post CGP will bring you a brief biweekly review of what’s gone up on our blog! We hope this will help you engage with our posts long after they’ve been posted!

Without further ado, our Biweekly Review: June 20th to July 1st

Who Needs Development If the World Ends First? explores why climate change could be the world’s most challenging economic problem over the next fifty years.

Text AID to mGive looks at how mobile donations are changing philanthropic giving.

Globalization: the Bad and the Good digs into the complexities of private investment in Africa.

Connecting the Dots: Managing Uncertainty with Women points to the fact that women are good at delivering public services to the broader public and bringing transparency to development efforts.

CGP Water Series | Water: A Human Right looks at water as human right via some international legal instruments.

CGP Water Series | Fifteen Minutes: a Shower, a Coffee, an Education uncovers research which suggests that reducing water collection time might improve educational attainment.

China is Investing in… the U.S.?  reviews a Wilson Center event on Chinese FDI.


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