Methods of Development | A Move Towards Holistic Poverty Evaluations

We all know that nations cannot be defined purely by their GDP. And so we know that poverty, also, cannot solely be defined by income. Rather, there is a move to include a variety of indicators within the discussion of poverty, allowing new ideas and new objectives to influence action and policy. The Hudson Institute hosted an event this week entitled Latin America: Poverty, Radicalism, Market Economy? Moderated by Ambassador Jaime Daremblum, the speakers included Mauricio Rodas, John Hammock, and Andrew Natsios, and the event focused on new poverty indices. The Ethos Poverty Index (which we previously blogged about here) and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) focus on different poverty indicators than the most commonly used indicator of changes in income levels. They also demonstrate an effort to address Amartya Sen’s idea of capabilitiesContinue reading


The Ethos Poverty Index | El Índice Ethos

How do you define poverty, how do you measure it, and why are its measurements useful? These are the questions that Ethos Foundation, a think tank based in Mexico City, addresses in the recently released Ethos Poverty Index 2011. The Index innovates by including social, political, and economic indicators to contextualize and measure poverty in select Latin American countries. In this post CGP reviews the Index, touching on its philosophical foundation and commenting on some of its results.  Since Ethos is a Mexican organization, this blog is also in Spanish! Continue reading